Better “centerpoint” than centroid

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I'm using the centroid of polygons to attach a marker in a map application. This works definitely fine for convex polygons and quite good for many concave polygons.

However, some polygons (banana, donut) obviously don't produce the desired result: The centroid is in these cases outside the polygons area.

Does anybody know a better approach to find a suitable point within any polygons area (which may contain holes!) to attach a marker?

Better “centerpoint” than centroid


One approach would be to generate and refine a skeleton of the polygon, then use the midpoint of the skeleton to place your marker (and if it's text, to orient the text correctly). This works well for most shapes, including ones with holes, and banana-shaped or tadpole-shaped crescents.

The CGAL library has a 2D Straight Skeleton and Polygon Offsetting module, or you could use PostGIS, for example.


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