Is writing std::deque at different memory locations concurrently thread-safe?

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I have a std::deque<std::pair<CustomObj, int>> that doesn't change in size when starting the concurrent block.

The concurrent block reads each CustomObj of the deque and sets the int.

I can guarantee that the deque won't change size therefore it won't reallocate, and that each thread will only access a memory chunk of the deque but not the other thread's.

Does it lead to undefined behaviour reading and writing concurrently? Should put the writing and reading in a mutual exclusion zone?


As long as you can guarantee that the the size of the deque doesn't change and only one thread will ever write to a particular element then yes, that is safe. You only have an issue when you try to modify the deque (change it's size) or when you have multiple threads reading and writing to a single element inside the deque.

One thing you could experience though is called false sharing. That is the process of a single cache line having elements that are being used by multiple threads. Since a thread write would dirty the cache line the whole thing needs to be re-synchronized which will hurt performance


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