const_cast rules in c++

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struct foo {     const int A;     int B;     foo() : A(10), B(20) {} };  void main() {     foo f1;     const_cast<int&>(f1.A) = 4; //line 1     const foo f2;     const_cast<int&>(f2.B) = 4; //line 2 } 

Do both line 1 and 2 exhibit undefined behaviour? Would the behavior be different if f1 and f2 were shared_ptr of types listed in code above?


The behaviour both const_cast<int&>(f1.A) = 4 and const_cast<int&>(f2.B) = 4 are undefined.

If an object is originally defined as const, and you cast away that const-ness and attempt to modify the object, the behaviour is undefined.


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