is it possible to enable dark mode on xcode 10 on High Sierra?

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I downloaded xcode 10 beta and installed it on my macbook which is running on macOs 10.13.4 High Sierra. I tried to enable dark mode on xcode 10, but i could find how to do it ? Any suggestions, is it possible ?

upd: as i understand, xcode gets the system appearance value and renders in that mode, so it must be possible with some command in terminal


is not related to your XCode its related to macOS , the feature available from 10.14 Mojave onwards , for detail info you get from here

Mojave Release date

Apple said that the developer beta for all software would be made available on 4 June, while the public iOS 12 beta will be available later in June.

Mojave: New features

In particular, Apple appears to have focused on enhancing the Finder and Quick Look. But other new features are welcome, in particular Dark Mode, which we will look at first

Dark mode

A Dark Mode is nothing new - there has been a Dark Mode available since El Capitan, but it only changed the appearance of menu bar and Dock. However, the new Dark Mode is what everyone had been calling for.

In High Sierra, Dark Mode adjusts the colour of the menu bar and dock, but little else. The Dock's translucent background becomes darker, the menu bar's drop-down menus are darker (although still translucent).

Not all third-party apps offer support for the dark menu bar, and even some Apple apps, such as Safari, currently feature a bright translucent sidebar.

The Dark Mode in Mojave, will be applied to all elements of the interface, in every app, system-wide. Users can choose whether to turn it on


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