Sed range and removing last matching line

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I have this data:

One   two   three Four   five   six Seven   eight 

And this command:

sed -n '/^Four$/,/^[^[:blank:]]/p' 

I get the following output:

Four   five   six Seven 

How can I change this sed expression to not match the final line of the output? So the ideal output should be:

Four   five   six 

I've tried many things involving exclamation points but haven't managed to get close to getting this working.


You may pipe to another sed and skip last line:

sed -n '/^Four$/,/^[^[:blank:]]/p' file | sed '$d' 

Four   five   six 

Alternatively you may use:

sed -n '/^Four$/,/^[^[:blank:]]/{/^Four$/p; /^[^[:blank:]]/!p;}' file 


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