Can't run .NET Core 2.1(.1) application on Windows Server 2016

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I'm trying to run a .NET Core application on my Windows Server 2016 instance. It builds/runs fine on my Windows 10 machine.

First I'm doing dotnet publish and I copy the published site to the Windows Server instance. I followed this guide and installed both the hosting bundle as well as the latest SDK (2.1.3).

However when I try to dotnet myapp.dll i get the following error message:

It was not possible to find any compatible framework version The specified framework 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.All', version '2.1.1' was not found.   - Check application dependencies and target a framework version installed at:       C:/Program Files/dotnet/   - Installing .NET Core prerequisites might help resolve this problem:   - The .NET Core framework and SDK can be installed from:   - The following versions are installed:       2.1.0 at [C:/Program Files/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.AspNetCore.All] 

I can see clearly that indeed Microsoft.AspNetCore.All only has a 2.1.0 version located in Program Files/dotnet/shared. How do I get the correct 2.1.1 version?

Any guidance is highly appreciated.


Use this link to install 2.1.1 core sdk version:


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