Facebook Application Rate Limit #4 – June 2018 Bug

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Facebook seems to be experiencing a bug in regards to their rate-limits. The bug has been open for several days at the time of writing. I'm sure everyone is aware that this affects the client base of these developers severely.

The requests limit seems sporadic and is not inline with the documentation. The actual rate limits seems to have increased drastically, only allowing a percentage of requests as compared to "normal" Several people seem to be affected:


Does anyone have any work-around, suggestions or insights in place to alleviate this problem?

The original bug report submitted:

Our application has been encountering the "GraphAPIError: (#4) Application request limit reached" error on and off for the past several days. Our application monitors several of our users accounts and pulls data for every FB Page, and it has for the past few years made a number of API calls to gather metrics on those accounts which would normally occur over a period of less than two hours every day. On May 25th, we were able to make 1% of the API calls we normally make over a 24 hour period due to the Application rate limit. On May 26th, we got 3% of the API calls we normally make over a 24 hour period due to the same Application rate limit. Then for the 27th-29th it went back to normal, in less than 2 hours we were able to make 100% of the API calls we normally make, with no errors. Then on the 30th we were able to make 33% of the normal API calls, and thus far for today the 31st we have been able to make 1% of the normal API calls. Nothing has changed on our end, and there is no reason why we should only be able to make 1% of the API calls normally make some days and not for other days, especially since our application has been doing the same exact thing for several years now. Any assistance it appreciated.


My application regularly queries the posts for several of our own as well as our competitor's pages. (Media website facebook pages linking to news articles. We like to compare the posts and the performance to the competition.)

What I've done to reduce the issue is use the app token for the competitor's posts, but use a page-specific token for our own page posts. This significantly reduced the amount of calls on the app token, causing the rate limit to kick in much less often.


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