Can't deploy rails app to Heroku due to a security issue

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I tried deploying it multiple times but got the same error. I'm new to ruby on rails and have no idea how to solve it. I tried cloning it locally and changing the file to read "config.assets.compile = false" instead of true. That didn't work either. Any ideas? Here's the link to the git repository I'm trying to download. Let me know if I need to be more specific about anything. Thanks for all the help!

There was an issue building your app. This can mean your app.json's project is not a valid Heroku application. Please ensure your app is deployable to Heroku and try again.

-----> Installing node-v8.10.0-linux-x64        Detected manifest file, assuming assets were compiled locally -----> Detecting rails configuration        sh: 2: config.assets.compile: not found        !        ! A security vulnerability has been detected in your application.        ! To protect your application you must take action.           Your application        ! is currently exposing its credentials via an easy to exploit           directory        ! traversal.        !        ! To protect your application you must either upgrade to           Sprockets version "3.7.2"        ! or disable dynamic compilation at runtime by setting:        !        ! ! config.assets.compile = false # Disables security           vulnerability !        !        ! Push rejected, failed to compile Ruby app.        ! Push failed 


This should work:

bundle update sprockets 


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