Why do I get error “'cout' in namespace 'std' does not name a type” when I use “using cout = std::cout;”?

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I'm trying to use shorter syntax and avoid using std:: everywhere, so I started using new alias syntax. In some examples I saw people using it this way:

using json = nlohmann::json; 

and tried this with std::, but with code below:

#include <iostream>  using cout = std::cout;  int main() {     cout << "Sometext";     return 0; } 

but I get error 'cout' in namespace 'std' does not name a type. I know I can use

using std::cout; 

but why using cout = std::cout; doesn't work?


using cout = std::cout; refers to type alias declaration syntax. It's similar to typedef; so you're trying to declare a type named cout that refers to a previously defined type std::cout. But std::cout is not a type name, it's an object with type of std::ostream.

As the error message said, it's just trying to tell you that std::cout doesn't refer to a type name.


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