Why we can't return anything in the ternary operator [duplicate]

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Why this statement is showing error missing primary-expression before return for the following code.

(1==1) ? return 1 : return 0; 


The ternary operator deals in expressions, but return is a statement.

The syntax of the return statement is

return expr ;

The syntax of the ternary conditional operator is

expr1 ? expr2 : expr3

So you can plug in an invocation of the ternary operator as the expr in a return statement. But you cannot plug in a return statement as expr2 or expr3 of a ternary operator.

The ternary expression acts a lot like an if statement, but it is not an exact replacement for an if statement. If you want to write

if(1 == 1)      return 1; else return 0; 

you can write it as a true if statement, but you can't convert it to using ? : without rearranging it a little, as we've seen here.


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