Is there a way to check whether a stream is finite in Java? [closed]

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I know there is infinite stream in Java.

Is there a way to check whether the stream is finite or not?

Something like this method isStreamFinite(Stream<T> stream)?

@Test public void testStreamFinity() {     assertFalse(isStreamFinite(generateLong())); }  private <T> boolean isStreamFinite(Stream<T> stream) {     if (stream.count() < Long.MAX_VALUE) {         return true;     }     return false; }  private Stream<Long> generateLong() {     return LongStream.generate(() -> new Random().nextLong()).boxed(); } 

The construction of the Stream would leave some marks/tracks that we can use to trace back to check it?

The checking method could work always as expected reliably?


I was wrong about this when trying to solve a problem by detecting the isFinite of a stream. It seems it's not stable/reliable as the answers mentioned. I will refactor my solution in another around. Thank you for the help ~


There is no reliable way to do it. Even using the estimateSize, which is documented:

... or returns Long.MAX_VALUE if infinite, unknown, or too expensive to compute.

So simply relying on the fact that Long.MAX_VALUE will tell you if this stream is infinite or not - is simply wrong.

The other suggestion says that to use SIZED, which is again wrong:

IntStream.generate(() -> 1).limit(5) 

You know that this is a SIZED stream - the implementation does not and will not report the sized flag.

Bottom-line: you can't in a reliable way. Theoretically this could be possible for some cases, like when you just use generate without limiting or short-circuiting the stream, the implementation could register a flag like IS_INFINITE or something, but this IMO would be useless, probably for 99% of the cases.

You can also think in reverse here, how about when you want to tell with certainty if this stream is finite? In such a case, getExactSizeIfKnown() would tell you that.


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