How to access VS code deployed on Azure

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How can I access all the files that are deployed from Visual Studio into Azure? I am creating a bot using bot framework which I then publish. But, when I go to review the code online I can't see all the files via the App Service Editor/Kudu/etc. The can't locate the files navigating the site directory.

Does anyone know?


Web Applications do not generally have the source code included when published. Web Site projects, on the other hand do. More information can be found here:

If you want to include the source code during the publish process, this can be done with a Post Deploy Script:

In the .csproj:

  <Import Project="PostDeployScripts/IncludeSources.targets" Condition="Exists('PostDeployScripts/IncludeSources.targets')" /> 


<Project xmlns="">   <PropertyGroup>     <CoreCompileDependsOn>$(CoreCompileDependsOn);IncludeSource</CoreCompileDependsOn>   </PropertyGroup>     <Target Name="IncludeSource">     <ItemGroup>       <Content Include="**/*.cs" />       <Content Include="**/*.csproj" />       <Content Include="PostDeployScripts/*.*" />     </ItemGroup>   </Target> </Project> 


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