Putting all constants in one class android

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There are similar posts to mine but they date back to early 2010's so I'm not sure if things have changed. I just got some code review back and the reviewer suggested I put all of my constants in one class and call them from there. How can I do this and is this the right way to go? How do I declare and call them?


Whether it's "the right way" or not is mainly a matter of taste. There is no right or wrong here.

As to how to use them - simply have a class with a series of public static final fields:

public class Constants {     public static final String FIRST_NAME = "Tarik";     public static final String LAST_NAME = "Hodzic"; } 

And then other classes can just use them:

public class SomeClass {     public String getFullName() {         return Constants.FIRST_NAME + " " + Constabts.LAST_NAME;     } } 


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