Delphi TThread handle error

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I am reading "Delphi High performance" and there is something that I am missing. Given this code as test:

type TTest = class(TThread)   private     amemo: TMemo;   public     constructor Create(ss: boolean; memo: TMemo);   protected     procedure Execute; override; end;  constructor TTest.Create(ss: boolean; memo: TMemo); begin   inherited Create(ss);   FreeOnTerminate := true;   amemo := memo; end;  procedure TTest.Execute; var i: uint32; begin   inherited;   i := 0;    while not Terminated do     begin       Inc(i);       Synchronize(procedure                   begin amemo.Lines.Add(i.ToString) end);       Sleep(1000);     end;  end; 

Very simply, this thread prints some numbers in a memo. I start the thread suspended and so I have to call this piece of code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin   thread := TTest.Create(true, Memo1);   thread.Start; end; 

I have always stopped the thread calling thread.Terminate; but reading the book I see that Primoz stops a thread like this:

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); begin   thread.Terminate;   thread.WaitFor; //he adds this method call   //FreeAndNil(thread)   //there is the above line as well in the code copied from the book but I have removed it since I have set FreeOnTerminate := true (so I dont have to worry about freeing the obj). end; 

At this point, if I run the code using only Terminate I have no problems. If I run the code with Terminate + WaitFor I get this error:

Delphi TThread handle error

I have read more coding in delphi too and I see that Nick Hodges just makes a call to Terminate;. Is calling Terminate; enough to safey stop a thread? Note that I've set FreeOnTerminate := true so I don't care about the death of the object. Terminated should stop the execution (what is inside execute) and so it should be like this:

  • Call Terminated
  • Execute stops
  • Thread stops execution
  • Thread is now free (FreeOnTerminate := true)

Please tell me what I'm missing.

Note. In the book the thread doesn't have FreeOnTerminate := true. So the thread needs to be freed manually; I guess that this is the reason why he calls

thread.Terminate; thread.WaitFor; FreeAndNil(thread) 

I agree on Terminate (stop the thread= and FreeAndNil (free the object manually) but the WaitFor?


Please tell me what I'm missing.

The documentation for FreeOnTerminate explicitly says that you cannot use the Thread in any way after Terminate.

That includes your WaitFor call, which would work on a possibly already free'd object. This use-after-free can trigger the error above, among other even more "interesting" behaviours.


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