How to encode properly this URL

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I am trying to get this URL using JSoupÑAL.JPG

Even using encoding, I got an exception. I don´t understand why the encoding is wrong. It returns

instead the correct

How I can fix this ? Thanks.

private static void GetUrl() {     try     {         String url = "";         String encoded = URLEncoder.encode("CIGUEÑAL.JPG","UTF-8");         Response img = Jsoup                             .connect(url + encoded)                             .ignoreContentType(true)                             .execute();          System.out.println(url);         System.out.println("PASSED");     }     catch(Exception e)     {         System.out.println("Error getting url");         System.out.println(e.getMessage());     } } 

The encoding is not wrong, the problem here is composite unicode & precomposed unicode of character "Ñ" can be displayed in 2 ways, they look the same but really different

precomposed unicode: Ñ           -> %C3%91 composite unicode: N and ~       -> N%CC%83 

I emphasize that BOTH ARE CORRECT, it depends on which type of unicode you want:

String normalize = Normalizer.normalize("Ñ", Normalizer.Form.NFD); System.out.println(URLEncoder.encode("Ñ", "UTF-8")); //%C3%91 System.out.println(URLEncoder.encode(normalize, "UTF-8")); //N%CC%83 


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