In C++ how to pass uint16_t variable to the function with an argument unsigned int &?

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I have a variable uint16_t a=35; and I have a function

UINT Read(unsigned int& nVal); 

How do I pass a to Read() as unsigned int&?

If I pass like this


I am getting the error below:

cannot convert parameter 1 from 'uint16_t' to 'unsigned int &


You will need to copy the value into a (named) temporary, call the function, and then copy the temp back (possibly after checking for overflow).

uint16_t a = 35; ... unsigned int temp = a; const unsigned int result = Read(temp); // check for overflow here a = temp; 

Of course, if you can change the definition of a to be unsigned int, then that is much more straightforward (but I assume that is not possible for other reasons).


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