Python – Create dict from list of list

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I have a text file which I read in. This is a log file so it follows a particular pattern. I need to create a JSON ultimately, but from researching this problem, once it is in a dict it will be a matter of using json.loads() or json.dumps().

A sample of the text file is below.

INFO:20180606_141527:submit:is_test=False INFO:20180606_141527:submit:username=Mary INFO:20180606_141527:env:sys.platform=linux2 

The dict structure which I am ultimatly looking for is

{   "INFO": {     "submit": {       "is_test": false,       "username": "Mary"     },     "env": {       "sys.platform": "linux2",       "": "ubuntu"     }   } } 

I am ignoring the timestamp information in each list for now.

This is a snippet of the code I am using,

import csv tree_dict = {} with open('file.log') as file:     for row in file:         for key in reversed(row.split(":")):             tree_dict = {key: tree_dict} 

Which results in an undesired output,

{'INFO': {'20180606_141527': {'submit': {'': {'INFO': {'20180606_141527': {'submit': {'sys.platform=linux2/n': {'INFO': {'20180606_141527': {'submit': {'username=a227874/n': {'INFO': {'20180606_141527': {'submit': {'is_test=False/n': {}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 

I need to dynamically populate the dict because I don't know the actual field/key names.


with open('demo.txt') as f:     lines = f.readlines()  dct = {}  for line in lines:     param1, _, param2, params3 = line.strip().split(':')     dct.setdefault(param1, {})     dct[param1].setdefault(param2, {})      k, v = params3.split('=')     dct[param1][param2].update({k: v})  print(dct) 


{ 'INFO': {     'submit': {         'is_test': 'False', 'username': 'Mary'},      'env': {         'sys.platform': 'linux2', '': 'ubuntu'}     } }   


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