Why C compiler doesn't give redeclaration error inside for loop body? [duplicate]

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In C language, If we write like this :

for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++) {     // for loop Body } 

The scope of variable i is inside the for loop body. It is Ok.

But, If I write like this:

for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++) {     long int i = 1; // Redeclaration of i } 

Here, variable i declared again inside for loop body, It's successfully compiled and run in C Compiler.

But, In C++ compiler, compiler give an error that "redeclaration of 'long int i'".

So, Why C compiler doesn't give redeclaration error? Is it Compiler bug?


C++ and C make a distinction here. According to C11 (n1570) §6.8.5 ¶5, emphasis mine:

An iteration statement is a block whose scope is a strict subset of the scope of its enclosing block. The loop body is also a block whose scope is a strict subset of the scope of the iteration statement.

Which translates to this for a for loop:

{     declaration      while ( expression) {         statement         expression ;     } } 

Anything you put in the statement part can hide whatever is introduced in the declaration. Now, C++(17, n4659) explicitly says something similar at [stmt.for]/1. But it also goes on to add:

except that names declared in the init-statement are in the same declarative region as those declared in the condition,

So here the second i is indeed an attempt at a re-declaration. The above may sound confusing (names declared in the condidion!?), but the "condition" here is defined like this ([stmt.stmt]/1):

condition:     expression     attribute-specifier-seq decl-specifier-seq declarator brace-or-equal-initializer 

It's that which allows while loops like this (C++ only):

while (T t = x) statement  

And you may not re-declare t inside the statement of the while loop.

Alternatively, the entire conclusion I reach is summarized in [stmt.iter]/3 (thank you @T.C.):

If a name introduced in an init-statement or for-range-declaration is redeclared in the outermost block of the substatement, the program is ill-formed.


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