Split a string by different start and end delimiters

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I have a log with data from a TCP port with a given buffer length. Each event has a variable length and it is delimited by <+++> and <--->.


s = '<+++>A1 , Some Text, Other Text=12327463, Some Other Text<--->  <+++>A2, Some Text, IP=, DateTime=12/07/2018 <---> <+++> A3, Some Text, Other Text=12327463, Some Other Text, Text<---><+++>A3, New Text, IP=, DateTime=12/07/2018, Text3Text3Text3, Text3Text3Text3, Text3Text3Text3, Text3Text3Text3<--->Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4Text4  Text4<---><+++>Text5Text5Text5Text5Text5Text5Text5Text5<---><+++>Text6Text6Text6Text6Text6Text6Text6Text6Text6<--->' 

I need to split it so that each event is the element of a list -- like this:

['A1 , Some Text, Other Text=12327463, Some Other Text' , 'A2, Some Text, IP=, DateTime=12/07/2018', 'A3, Some Text, Other Text=12327463, Some Other Text'] Text'] 

How would you do this with Python?


You can also use regular expressions for this task, re.findall in particular:

import re s = '<+++>A1 , Some Text, Other Text=12327463<---> <+++>A2, IP= <--->' re.findall(r'</+/+/+>(.+?)<--->', s) # ['A1 , Some Text, Other Text=12327463', 'A2, IP= '] 

The captured group (.+?) stands for one or more (+) of any character (.) non-greedily (?) matched, so as to not capture the entire part from the first opening to the last closing tag.


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