How to make two otherwise identical pointer types incompatible

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On certain architectures it may be necessary to have different pointer types for otherwise identical objects. Particularly for a Harvard architecture CPU, you may need something like:

uint8_t const ram* data1; uint8_t const rom* data2; 

Particularly this is how the definition of pointers to ROM / RAM looked like in MPLAB C18 (now discontinued) for PICs. It could define even things like:

char const rom* ram* ram strdptr; 

Which means a pointer in RAM to pointers in RAM pointing to strings in ROM (using ram is not necessary as by default things are in RAM by this compiler, just added all for clarity).

The good thing in this syntax is that the compiler is capable to alert you when you try to assign in an incompatible manner, like the address of a ROM location to a pointer to RAM (so something like data1 = data2;, or passing a ROM pointer to a function using a RAM pointer would generate an error).

Contrary to this, in avr-gcc for the AVR-8, there is no such type safety as it rather provides functions to access ROM data. There is no way to distinguish a pointer to RAM from a pointer to ROM.

There are situations where this kind of type safety would be very beneficial to catch programming errors.

Is there some way to add similar modifiers to pointers in some manner (such as by preprocessor, expanding to something which could mimic this behavior) to serve this purpose? Or even something which warns on improper access? (in case of avr-gcc, trying to fetch values without using the ROM access functions)

One trick is to wrap the pointers in a struct. Pointers to struct have better type safety than pointers to the primitive data types.

typedef struct {   uint8_t ptr; } a_t;  typedef struct {   uint8_t ptr; } b_t;  const volatile a_t* a = (const volatile a_t*)0x1234; const volatile b_t* b = (const volatile b_t*)0x5678;  a = b; // compiler error b = a; // compiler error 


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