Swap positions of the first appearance of letter 'a' with the last appearance of letter 'o' Java

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It's a homework task. That's pretty hard to solve for me. The task is asking me to make from the String, for example "aaligatoor", output like: "oaligatoar" I found a solution like:

public static String letterReplacement(final String word) {             String o = "o";             String a = "a";             if (word.contains("a") && word.contains("o")) {                 return word.replaceFirst("a", "o").replaceFirst("(?s)(.*)" + o, "$1" + a);             } else {                 return "Your word does not contain both of 'a' and 'o' letters, sorry...";             }         } 

but it looks tricky, maybe someone knows any more understandable ways to solve this? I appreciate your assistance and attention very much.


Find the first index of the "a" (String.indexOf()) and the last index of "o" (String.lastIndexOf()). If both indexes are > -1 then swap the letters

Something like:

public class StackOverflow {     public static void main(String[] args) {         String data = "aaligatoor";          int firstAindex = data.indexOf("a");         int lastOindex = data.lastIndexOf("o");          if (firstAindex > -1 && lastOindex > -1) {             char[] letters = data.toCharArray();             letters[firstAindex] = 'o';             letters[lastOindex] = 'a';              data = new String(letters);         }         System.out.println(data);     } } 




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