Elegant way to copy only a part of an object

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I would like to create an new object from a bigger one, by copying only a few properties from it. All the solutions I know are not very elegant, I wonder if there is a better choice, native if possible (no additional function like at the end of the following code)?

Here is what I usually do for now:

// I want to keep only x, y, and z properties: let source = {     x: 120,     y: 200,     z: 150,     radius: 10,     color: 'red', };  // 1st method (not elegant, especially with even more properties): let coords1 = {     x: source.x,     y: source.y,     z: source.z, };  // 2nd method (problem: it pollutes the current scope): let {x, y, z} = source, coords2 = {x, y, z};  // 3rd method (quite hard to read for such simple task): let coords3 = {}; for (let attr of ['x','y','z']) coords3[attr] = source[attr];  // Similar to the 3rd method, using a function: function extract(src, ...props) {     let obj = {};     props.map(prop => obj[prop] = src[prop]);     return obj; } let coords4 = extract(source, 'x', 'y', 'z'); 


One way to do it is through object destructuring and an arrow function:

let source = {     x: 120,     y: 200,     z: 150,     radius: 10,     color: 'red', };  let result = (({ x, y, z }) => ({ x, y, z }))(source);  console.log(result);

The way this works is that the arrow function (({ x, y, z }) => ({ x, y, z })) is immediately called with source as the parameter. It destructures source into x, y, and z, and then immediately returns those as a new object.


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