Timing R code with Sys.time()

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I can run a piece of code for 5 or 10 seconds using the following code:

period <- 10  ## minimum time (in seconds) that the loop should run for tm <- Sys.time()  ## starting data & time while(Sys.time() - tm < period) print(Sys.time()) 

The code runs just fine for 5 or 10 seconds. But when I replace the period value by 60 for it to run for a minute, the code never stops. What is wrong?


As soon as elapsed time exceeds 1 minute, the default unit changes from seconds to minutes. So you want to control the unit:

while (difftime(Sys.time(), tm, units = "secs")[[1]] < period) 

From ?difftime

 If ‘units = "auto"’, a suitable set of units is chosen, the  largest possible (excluding ‘"weeks"’) in which all the absolute  differences are greater than one.   Subtraction of date-time objects gives an object of this class, by  calling ‘difftime’ with ‘units = "auto"’. 


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