Azure Speech API language

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I have implemented a chat on a web page, with the possibility to use Speech to text, using Azure Speech API. It works fine but I don't understand where I can set the language understood by the API. I want it to understand french, but when I talk in french, it transcripts in english words with familiar sound. How / Where I can I set the language ? I precise that I'm not the one who set up the service on Azure dashboard.


There is a locale parameter that you can use optionally like the following example:

export interface ICognitiveServicesSpeechRecognizerProperties {     locale?: string,     subscriptionKey?: string,     fetchCallback?: (authFetchEventId: string) => Promise<string>,     fetchOnExpiryCallback?: (authFetchEventId: string) => Promise<string> } 

If you don't provide a value the following example is used:

const locale = properties.locale || 'en-US'; 

You can find the possible values for those parameters here


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