Python: Reverse Order Of Words

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In my program I pull a string from another file and assign it to a variable (see below)

ex1 = 'John Doe' 

How would I convert the above string to a different format as seen below? (Note the space after the comma)

ex2 = 'Doe, John' 

Sorry if this question seems trivial but I haven't had much experience with lists and most solutions incorporate lists (so I don't fully understand them).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


For the case of 2 names, you can use str.join with reversed and str.split:

ex1 = 'John Doe' ex2 = ', '.join(reversed(ex1.split()))  # 'Doe, John' 

You can also use f-strings (Python 3.6+) via an anonymous function:

ex2 = (lambda x: f'{x[1]}, {x[0]}')(ex1.split())  # 'Doe, John' 

It's not clear what you'd like to see for multiple names, e.g. if middle names are provided.


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