java concurrency synchronized on map value

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The following code, I am confused about what would happen when 2 threads compete the lock for map.get(k). When thread A wins, it makes map.get(k) null and the second thread would get a synchronized(null)? Or would it be both threads see it as synchronized(v) even though the first thread changes it to null but during which thread B still sees it as v?

syncrhonized(map.get(k)) {    map.get(k).notify();    map.remove(k); } 

The question is a similar to another question, except lock object is value of a map.

UPDATE: compared the discussion in this post and that in the above link, is it true that

syncrhonized(v) {     v.notify();     v = null; }  

would cause the 2nd thread synchronized(null). But for the synchronized(map.get(k)), the 2nd thread would have synchronized(v)???


The second thread won't "request" a lock on thread.get(k), both threads will request a lock on the result of map.get(k) before the first one starts executing. So the code is roughly similar to:

Object val = map.get(k); val.notify(); 

So, when the thread that obtained the lock finishes executing, the second thread will still have a reference to Object val, even if map[k] doesn't point to it anymore (or points to null)


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