Decay of multidimensional arrays as function parameters

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I know that for example this:

void foo(int a[])// or a[x] 

will be considered by the compiler like this:

void foo(int *a) 

But I don't know, and I didn't found anywhere how are multidimensional arrays seen by the compiler

For example:

void foo(int a[3][4]) 

Will it be something like this?

void foo(int (*a)[4]) 

Or something like this?

void foo(int **a) 


When an array decays, it converts into a pointer to the first element. In the case of int a[3][4], a is an array of int[4], so a pointer to an element of int [3][4] has type int (*)[4].

So this:

void foo(int a[3][4]) 

Is the same as:

void foo(int (*a)[4]) 


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