How to detect if Perl code is being run inside an eval?

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I've got a module that uses an @INC hook and tries to install missing modules as they are used. I don't want this behaviour to fire inside an eval. My attempt to do this currently is:

return     if ( ( $caller[3] && $caller[3] =~ m{eval} )     || ( $caller[1] && $caller[1] =~ m{eval} ) ); 

That's the result of me messing around with the call stack in some experiments, but it's not catching everything, like this code in HTTP::Tinyish:

sub configure_backend {     my($self, $backend) = @_;     unless (exists $configured{$backend}) {         $configured{$backend} =           eval { require_module($backend); $backend->configure };     }     $configured{$backend}; }  sub require_module {     local $_ = shift;     s!::!/!g;     require "$"; } 

Maybe I just need to traverse every level of the call stack until I hit an eval or run out of levels. Is there a better or easier way for me to figure out whether or not code is being wrapped in an eval without traversing the call stack?


If $^S is true, the code is inside an eval.

sub foo { print $^S } eval { foo() };  # 1 foo();           # 0 


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