npm test fail with jest

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When I want to run my project with the command $npm run test . I get the error below. please guide me .

FAIL ● Test suite failed to run

SecurityError: localStorage is not available for opaque origins at Window.get localStorage [as localStorage] (node_modules/jsdom/lib/jsdom/browser/Window.js:257:15)       at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) 


In case, if you are accessing your application with a http://localhost prefix, you need to update your jest configuration as,

  "jest": {     "verbose": true,     "testURL": "http://localhost/"   } 

In case you do not already have any jest configuration, just include the configuration in your package.json. For example:

{   "name": "...",   "description": "...",   ...   "jest": {     "verbose": true,     "testURL": "http://localhost/"   } } 


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