How to convert Javascript Array to array of functions?

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I had a question in my interview where they asked me to transform an array to array of functions like below:

var a = ["a", 24, { foo: "bar" }]; var b = transform(a);  console.log(a[1]); // 24 console.log(b[1]()); // 24 

I tried many combinations but I couldn't really do what they ask. Can someone tell me how to implement the transform function?


I'm not exactly sure about their intention, but a simple approach to provide the given results would be as follows:

function transform(a){   return (el) => () => el ); } 

PS: the interesting follow up question would then be about the differences between the results for b[0]() and b[1]() compared to b[2]() and how to mitigate the problems that might arise for the later.


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