Java 8 – Compare multiple fields in different order using Comparator

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I like to use Java 8 Comparator to sort a List of an object based on three properties. The requirement is to sort in this order - Name ascending, Age descending, City ascending. If I use reversed() on `Age it reverses previously sorted entries as well. Here is what I've tried:

Comparator.comparing((Person p) -> p.getName())           .thenComparingInt(p -> e.getAge())           .reversed()           .thenComparing(p -> p.getCity()); 


Use Comparator.reverseOrder():

.thenComparing(Person::getAge, Comparator.reverseOrder()) 

If you want to avoid autoboxing, you can do

.thenComparing((p1, p2) ->, p1.getAge())) 




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