ionic serve of IONIC 1 project, not working in ionic 4 cli

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Today after launching of IONIC 4 Beta, I updated my IONIC CLI to 4.0.1. After as i was trying to serve one of my IONIC v1 project using

ionic serve command it was showing below error and warnings to me

ionic serve 

ionic-v1 serve --host --port 8100 --lr-port 35729 --dev-port 53703 [v1] 'ionic-v1' is not recognized as an internal or external command, [v1] operable program or batch file.

[INFO] Looks like @ionic/v1-toolkit isn't installed in this project.

   This package is required for ionic serve. For more details, please see the CHANGELOG: 

[ERROR] A utility CLI has unexpectedly closed.

    The Ionic CLI will exit. Please check any output above for error details. 



As suggested in warning [INFO] Looks like @ionic/v1-toolkit isn't installed in this project.

I tried to install @ionic/V1-toolkit using below command and i was able to use ionic serve for my IONIC V1 project from IONIC V4.0.1 CLI.

npm install @ionic/v1-toolkit -g 


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