How to not throw a generically specified exception?

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I created a "producer" interface (to be used with method references, respectively to be easily mocked for unit tests):

@FunctionalInterface public interface Factory<R, T, X extends Throwable> {     public R newInstanceFor(T t) throws X; } 

which I created like that, as my first use case actually had to throw some checked WhateverException.

Now, my second use case ... doesn't have an X to throw.

The best I could come up with to make the compiler happy is:

Factory<SomeResultClass, SomeParameterClass, RuntimeException> factory; 

That compiles, and does what I need, but still ugly. Is there a way to keep that single interface, but not provide an X when declaring specific instances?


You cannot do that in Java. The only way is to create a sub interface.

public interface DefaultExceptionFactory<R, T>         extends Factory<R, T, RuntimeException> 


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