How can I prevent overloading for extern “C” functions?

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I'm writing a c++ library that exposes some functions which are used only by C# code. However, as I accidently mistyped the paramter, I found that this code can be succesfully compiled and linked even without any warning as long as I don't use the (not mistyped version) function in the cpp file.

struct Dummy { int a; double b; }; extern "C" void SetArray(Dummy* x, int cnt); void SetArray(Dummy x, int cnt) {     // a TODO placeholder. } 

How can I let compiler throw an error or a warning for this case? The compiler option -Wall is set but there's still no warning. Using tdmgcc 5.1.0.


You can make some assertion that will fail if function is overloaded:

static_assert(::std::is_same_v<void (Dummy *, int), decltype(SetArray)>); 

error: decltype cannot resolve address of overloaded function


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