Ultra-non-greedy Regex?

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This regex...


...is non-greedy. If you test it on this string...

abc 123 xyz xyz 

...it matches abc 123 xyz. The second xyz is not matched because of its non-greediness. But if you test it on this string...

abc abc 123 xyz 

...it matches the whole string. Seems like .*? is only non-greedy to the RIGHT of its position but not to the LEFT.

How do I make a regex like foo.*?bar that's non-greedy in both directions?

Random test case example:

abc abc 123 xyz xyz 456 abc abc xyz 000 xyz 

Desired result:

Match 1: abc 123 xyz
Match 2: abc xyz


You can just make sure that the first part isn't in the inner part:


If you want to avoid repeating the first part:



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