Is there a way to format one string multiple times in Python?

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I have a string like this:

my_string = '{general_setting} ... {specific_setting}' 

The general_setting is the same for the whole program (i.e. database password), whereas the specific_setting can vary throughout the program. Is there a way to format one string twice, first inserting the general_setting and then having a pre-prepared string to insert the specific_setting later?

I'm sure this must have been asked before, but all I could find were questions about how to insert the same VALUE multiple times, not about how to insert different values at different times.


You can have any level of formatting depending on the number of braces

>>> template = '{general_setting} ... {{specific_setting}}'.format(general_setting='general') >>> my_string = template.format(specific_setting='specific') >>> print (my_string) general ... specific 


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