Can't Pull/Fetch using VS Team Explorer(Bitbucket git)

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I am getting an error in my VS 2017 Team Explorer whenever I pull/fetch or push.

Git failed with a fatal error. HttpRequestException encountered.    An error occurred while sending the request. cannot spawn /C/Program Files/Git/mingw64/libexec/git-core/git-askpass.exe: No error could not read Password for 'https://<myusername>': terminal prompts disabled. 

I tried to set my password by indicating:


Still not fixed. But when I used SourceTree, it is fine.

I am using the following:

  • VS 2017 Community 15.7.6
  • Git version 2.18.0
  • Bitbucket

Thanks in advance.


Same here, I do believe it's from bitbucket side.

the following worked for us :

Remove git related Credentials stored in Windows Credentials in >>Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Credential Manager

link to SO here

then use this command :

git remote set-url origin

here is the source for this one


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