Error build VSTS: ## [error] Error: Unable to locate the 'nuget'

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I created a test project with C# + SpecFlow and I am trying to build the solution through VSTS, however in Nuget Restore is presenting the error below.

2018-08-07T15:29:39.6678023Z ##[error]Error: Unable to locate the 'nuget' [b3be7473-68ea-4a81-bfc7-9530baaa19ad] area. The service containing that area may not be available in your region. 2018-08-07T15:29:39.6739350Z ##[error]Packages failed to restore

Would anyone know how to help me solve it or what? I already tried to check in the forum but none of the alternatives solved :/


I got the same issue, resolved it by using NuGet restore version 1.x...


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