Java 8 lambda create list of Strings from list of objects

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I have the following qustion:

How can I convert the following code snipped to Java 8 lambda style?

List<String> tmpAdresses = new ArrayList<String>(); for (User user : users) {     tmpAdresses.add(user.getAdress()); } 

Have no idea and started with the following:

List<String> tmpAdresses = user) -> user.getAdress()); 


You need to collect your stream into a List:

List<String> adresses =     .map(User::getAdress)     .collect(Collectors.toList()); 

For more information on the different Collectors visit the documentation

User::getAdress is just another form of writing (User user) -> user.getAdress() which could aswell be written as user -> user.getAdress() (because the type User will be inferred by the compiler)


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