Function.Function of Java 8 with multiple parameters

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I read many examples about how to easily define a lambda in Java 8. This lambda takes always one parameter like f1:

Function<Integer,Integer> f1 = (x) -> Math.pow(x,2); 

Of course, you can extend the body like f2:

Function<Integer,Integer> f2 = (x) -> {if (x < 0)  return 0;                                        else return Math.pow(x,2);}; 

But I cannot find a way to define a lambda with a variable number of paramters like f3:

Function<Integer,Integer,Integer> f3 = (x,y) -> {return x + y}; 

or without parameter like f4:

Function<Double> f4 = () -> {return Math.random()}; 

I am almost sure that you can define own functional interface (i.e., create a new file commonly) to develop f3 and f4, but Is there some way to easily define them?


Function<Integer,Integer,Integer> f3 = (x,y) -> {return x + y}; 

is actually a BiFunction<Integer,Integer,Integer>


Function<Double> f4 = () -> {return Math.random()}; 

is a Supplier<Double>

If you need more create your own, like TriFunction<Integer,Integer,Integer,Integer> for example


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