C++ type-based dispatch for builtin types

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I need a dispatcher function, something like below

template<typename T> T dispatcher() {     // if T is double     return _func_double();     // if T is int     return _func_int();     // if T is char*     return _func_char_pointer(); } 

and will be used like below

// some code that use above dispatcher template<typename T1, typename T2, typename T3> void do_multiple_thing(T1 *a1, T2 *a2, T2 *a3) {     *a1 = dispatcher<T1>();     *a2 = dispatcher<T2>();     *a3 = dispatcher<T3>(); } 

Could you tell me how to achieve that?

- solution for builtin types only suffices.
- both preprocessing and template appoach is acceptable.


If you have compiler with C++17 support this snippet of code should work:

template<typename T> T dispatcher() {     // if T is double     if constexpr (std::is_same<T, double>::value)         return _func_double();     // if T is int     if constexpr (std::is_same<T, int>::value)         return _func_int();     // if T is char*     if constexpr (std::is_same<T, char*>::value)         return _func_char_pointer(); } 

Otherwise you will have to do template specialization, and make overload for each of parameters that you want

//only needed for static assert template<typename T> struct always_false : std::false_type {};   template<typename T> T dispatcher()  {  //to make sure that on type you didn't overload you will have exception     throw std::exception("This type was not overloaded") //static assert that will provide compile time error     static_assert(always_false<T>::value , "You must specialize dispatcher for your type"); } //or to get compile time error without static assert  template<typename T> T dispatcher() = delete; //the simplest solution  template<> double dispatcher<double>()  {     return _func_double(); } //... and so on for all other functions 


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