Get std::thread's thread:id before it runs?

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I'm trying to build a thread-safety layer on top of C++ 11's std::thread where each object is assigned to an owning thread, and certain calls can raise a hard error when they are used on the wrong thread. The owning thread is the only one that can transfer an object to another thread.

I have it all working, except that I can't find a way to get a thread's thread::id before it is actually running. And I need to attach the new thread's ID to the object before I hand it off.

If I use

std::thread newThread( [theObject]()                        {                            // use theObject here.                        } ); 

The earliest point I can get the thread's ID is after the definition of the thread object, at which point the thread is already running.

I see there is a default constructor for std::thread, but I can't see a way to give it a function to run on the thread afterwards.

Is there a way to perform two-step construction on a thread, or control the thread's ID at time of creation?


Start each thread inactived by passing a unique std::promise parameter, get the thread id first ( thread id is used as a pass by reference parameter for the purpose) afterwards let it wait for the promise to be set by the thread manager. This will also remove the hassle of using a conditional variable.

Edited Snippet

class smart_thread { public:     smart_thread(std::function<void(void)> task)     {         thread_ = std::thread([=]() {             id_ = std::this_thread::get_id();             // wait here till activated             future_.get();             if(active_) task();         });     }      void activate()  {         promise_.set_value();         active_ = true;     }      ~smart_thread() {         if(!active_) promise_.set_value();         thread_.join();     }     private:     std::thread::id id_;     std::atomic<bool> active_ = false;     std::thread thread_;     std::promise<void> promise_;     std::future<void> future_ = promise_.get_future(); };  void main() {     auto task = []() { std::cout << "Hello World/n"; };     smart_thread thread(task); // start thread inactive mode     thread.activate(); // activate thread } 


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