C# Lambda Expression To Replace String Values In String Array

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I am trying to use .net 4.0 lambda methodology to remove double quotes (") around items in an array. Here is the code I have, however, this does not seem to work.

What am I doing wrong?

string[] sa = new string[] { "/"Hello/"", "/"Goodbye/"", "/"Moshi/"", "/"Adios/"" };  // Trying to replace the  Array.ForEach(sa, s => s.Replace("/"", "")); // Doesn't remove the quotes surrounding the string "Hello". foreach(var s in sa)    Console.WriteLine(s); 

This still does not get rid of the " around the items.


There is no lambda expression that could be plugged into ForEach to accomplish your goal, because the action a lambda could take has no write access to the element, and the string itself is immutable.

What you can do is replacing the whole array, like this:

sa = sa.Select(s => s.Replace("/"", "")).ToArray(); 

This approach works, because it replaces the entire sa array with a newly created array that is based on sa's elements.


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