Perl Program to Print Unicode From Hex Value

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I am starting up with Perl and confused on how to render unicode characters given a hex string variable.

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings;  foreach my $i (0..10000) {     my $hex = sprintf("%X", $i);     print("unicode of $i is /x{$hex}/n"); } print("/x{2620}/n"); print("/x{BEEF}/n"); 

Gives me the warning: Illegal hexadecimal digit '$' ignored at line 9.

and no value prints for /x{$hex}


Both chr($num) and pack('C', $num) produce a string consisting of the single character with the specified value, just like "/x{XXXX}" does.

As such, you can use

print("unicode of $i is ".chr(hex($hex))."/n"); 

or just

print("unicode of $i is ".chr($i)."/n"); 

Note that your program makes no sense without

use open ':std', ':encoding(UTF-8)'; 


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