Iterate consecutive elements in a list in Python such that the last element combines with first

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I have a list:

L = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] 

I want to iterate consecutive elements in the list such that, when it comes to last element i'e 8 it pairs with the first element 1.

The final output I want is:


I tried using this way:

for first,second in zip(L, L[1:]):     print([first,second]) 

But I am getting only this result:


How do I make a pair of last element with first? I have heard about the negative indexing property of a list.


You can simply extend the second list in zip() with a list with only the first item, something like:

for first, second in zip(L, L[1:] + L[0:1]):  # or simply zip(L, L[1:] + L[:1])     print([first, second]) 


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