C++/STL which algorithm should I use to check if a container has duplicates?

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Is there any STL algorithm that would tell if a container has duplicated elements (using the operator== or a given predicate)?

Let's consider those two vectors:

std::vector<int> v1{ 1, 2, 3 }; std::vector<int> v2{ 1, 2, 1 }; 

I would expect a function like that:

std::is_exclusive( v1.begin(), v1.end() ); // returning true std::is_exclusive( v2.begin(), v2.end() ); // returning false 

Is there such a simple function? I could not find any (found std::unique, but this modifies the vector...)

Note: I'm not asking how to "check if a container has duplicates", I know how I can do that (basically, I can do ( std::set<int>( v1.begin(), v1.end() ).size() == v1.size() ) and there may exist many other options. I'm asking if there is a STL algorithm function that would do it in a smarter way because I'm surprised I could not find any...


STL is about efficiency and universality. There seems to be no universal and efficient way to check if a container has duplicates without modifying it. Hence, no wonder that no such algorithm exists in STL.


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