ByRef argument type mismatch for integers

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I am trying this snippet of code and cannot get rid of the error "ByRef argument type mismatch".

I have declared i and j as integers and I have put ByRef in the DisplayTreeHelp function to keep the value that I get for i and j once I finish to execute DisplayTreeHelp function. (otherwise the value goes back to the value it had before entering DisplayTreeHelp). j however is keeping the value either if I do not specify the ByRef in the DisplayTreeHelp function.

Public Sub DisplayTree()     'Given country     Dim country As String     country = Sheets("Tree").Range("Country").Value2      'Start cell     Dim start As Range     Set start = Range("A2")      Dim dic1 As Dictionary     Dim key1 As Variant     Dim i, i_max As Integer     Dim j, j_max As Integer      Set dic1 = CreateTree     'Column start     j = start.Column     j_max = j     'Row start     i = start.Row     i_max = i      Dim tempArrSize As Long     tempArrSize = 1      Dim tempArr1() As Variant     ReDim tempArr1(1 To 1)      'Iterate dictionary to get nodes with parent node 0     For Each key1 In dic1.Keys()         If dic1(key1).country = country Then             If dic1(key1).parentNodeId = 0 Then                 'make array 1 bigger                 tempArrSize = tempArrSize + 1                 ReDim Preserve tempArr1(1 To tempArrSize + 1)                 'store it in an array                 tempArr1(dic1(key1).OrderId) = key1             End If         End If     Next      If Not IsEmpty(tempArr1) Then         Dim key2 As Variant         For Each key2 In tempArr1             If Not IsEmpty(key2) Then                 i = i + 1                 If i > i_max Then                     i_max = i                 End If                  Sheets("Tree").Cells(i, j).Value = dic1(key2).NodeName                  Dim dic2 As Dictionary                 Set dic2 = dic1(key2).ChildNodes                  Call DisplayTreeHelp(dic2, i, j, i_max, j_max)             End If         Next     End If      Call Format_tree(start, i_max, j_max) End Sub 

Recursion function

Private Function DisplayTreeHelp(dic2 As Dictionary, ByRef i As Integer, ByRef j As Integer, ByRef i_max As Integer, ByRef j_max As Integer) As Variant      If dic2.Count = 0 Then         'Do nothing     Else         Dim key3 As Variant         Dim tempArr2() As Variant         ReDim tempArr2(1 To dic2.Count + 1)          j = j + 1         If j > j_max Then             j_max = j         End If          'Create array with the proper order within the bucket         For Each key3 In dic2.Keys()             'Add all keys to array in the index of the order id             tempArr2(dic2(key3).OrderId) = key3         Next          If Not IsEmpty(tempArr2) Then             Dim key4 As Variant             For Each key4 In tempArr2                 If Not IsEmpty(key4) Then                     i = i + 1                     If i > i_max Then                         i_max = i                     End If                     Sheets("Tree").Cells(i, j).Select                     Selection.Value = dic2(key4).NodeName                      Call DisplayTreeHelp(dic2(key4).ChildNodes, i, j, i_max, j_max)                 End If             Next key4             j = j - 1         End If     End If End Function 

Anyone has an idea on this? Thanks in advance!


i and j aren't declared as Integer, they are implicitly Variant. On these declaration lines...

Dim i, i_max As Integer Dim j, j_max As Integer 

...only the last variable in the list is strongly typed. You need to specify a type for each one:

Dim i As Integer, i_max As Integer Dim j As Integer, j_max As Integer 


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