Error Appstore connect : Missing Purpose String in Info.plist File

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I've submitted my app for review to the Appstore connect. Although the app is still under review, i've received an email to inform me that i have to fix an error. Here is the content of the message :

    Dear Developer,      We identified one or more issues with a recent delivery for your      app XXXXX. Your delivery was successful, but you      may wish to correct the following issues in your next delivery:      "Missing Purpose String in Info.plist File. Your app's code      references one or more APIs that access sensitive user data. The      app's Info.plist file should contain a      NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription key with a user-facing purpose      string explaining clearly and completely why your app needs the      data. Starting spring 2019, all apps submitted to the App Store      that access user data will be required to include a purpose      string.If you're using external libraries or SDKs, they may      reference APIs that require a purpose string. While your app might      not use these APIs, a purpose string is still required. You can      contact the developer of the library or SDK and request they      release a version of their code that doesn't contain the APIs.         After you’ve corrected the issues, you can use Xcode or       Application Loader to upload a new binary to iTunes Connect.       Best regards,       The App Store Team 

My app is fully built with expo and i don't know how to access and modify the Info.plist.

Any idea ?


We did receive the same email and we aren't using the CoreLocation at all. After a quick search, we found that Parse SDK could use CoreLocation. In Apple's email, they clearly say:

If you're using external libraries or SDKs, they may reference APIs that require a purpose string.

That mean the minute your code or any other Library or SDKs can use CoreLocation, even if you don't use it, you need to provide privacy description for When In Use and Alway Use.

It is also something new from Apple and for now it's only a warning but it will be required starting in Spring 2019 for new submissions.


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