Not able to update FBSDKCoreKit POD iOS

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I am getting the following error when I try to do pod update. once it failed, I am not even able to do pod install anymore.

Installing FBSDKCoreKit (4.36.0)

[!] Error installing FBSDKCoreKit [!] /usr/bin/git clone /var/folders/tq/jky5s5j1589c5nqhs3n7j3d00000gn/T/d20180831-29436-tmqja3 --template= --single-branch --depth 1 --branch sdk-version-4.36.0

Cloning into '/var/folders/tq/jky5s5j1589c5nqhs3n7j3d00000gn/T/d20180831-29436-tmqja3'... warning: Could not find remote branch sdk-version-4.36.0 to clone. fatal: Remote branch sdk-version-4.36.0 not found in upstream origin


According to the change log, version 4.36.0 was released yesterday (30th August). It looks like they've forgotten to create a release tag for it yet in their Github repository hosting the Facebook iOS SDK.

In the meantime you can set your pod to:

pod 'FBSDKCoreKit', '4.35' pod 'FBSDKLoginKit', '4.35' pod 'FBSDKShareKit', '4.35'` 

then pod update.


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