App getting stuck with E/com.facebook.internal.AttributionIdentifiers

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App was running fine till 1 hour back. Suddenly it started getting stuck at the opening and shows 1 line error message in logcat

08-31 15:57:54.924 31700-31700/? E/com.facebook.internal.AttributionIdentifiers: getAttributionIdentifiers should not be called from the main thread 

That's the only log being shown. There were no changes happened on app


Try this :

I got the same issue today and this issue reason is you use '',facebook auto update and have a error inside sdk,change the version can fix problem. use: ''


Its seems like some facebook SDK error. I got the same today and solved it by replacing dynamic version in the gradle file to the stable.

Replace this: implementation "[4,5)" to this: implementation ""

4.34.0 is the version of the SDK from facebook GitHub

Hope this may help you


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